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For over twenty years, Kori’s legal practice has been focused exclusively in the area of family law. Kori’s strong interpersonal and writing skills along with her keen attention to detail, ensure that she is an effective advocate for her clients. Kori is trained in collaborative law and her goal is to try to resolve all matters cooperatively. However, Kori also appreciates that some cases require court intervention, and she does not shy away from litigation when necessary.

Kori is always sensitive to the emotional aspects of divorce and she helps her clients navigate this very stressful time not only by guiding them through the appropriate short and long term legal strategies, but also by truly listening to them. Kori has connections with a number of reputable third party resources such as parenting coordinators and specialized accountants, and she understands when it is most beneficial to seek assistance from these highly trained individuals.

Overall, Kori’s clients appreciate her realistic expectations, honest advice, and clear guidance during what is a very confusing and difficult time in their lives.


“I met Kori Levitt in 2016 after dealing with a lawyer who was not getting anywhere with my case. Very quickly but with precision, Kori put together all the information given to her and explained clearly the process and cost involved. Kori was very intuitive and practical yet sensitive to my feelings and needs. My questions were always answered promptly even if it meant responding after office hours. Kori knew when it was necessary to be more aggressive in her approach which led to reaching a pre-trial settlement.In 2020, Kori dealt with the re-opening of my case and along with a mediator, she succeeded in getting two more years of much needed support for me. Kori is a very dedicated and honest lawyer who I would highly recommend.”


“Kori Levitt was highly recommended to me by a trusted colleague who had a very complex divorce case and was extremely pleased with Kori’s approach to handling the matter and realizing outstanding results.

Because of this recommendation, I had very high expectations of Kori even before meeting with her. Now that my case has been resolved, I can inform you that Kori exceeded my expectations and delivered excellent outcomes.

Kori is a very personable lawyer who makes you feel welcomed and secure while being fully transparent about the facts, the risks, the mitigating actions, the range of potential legal options and the probable outcomes. I liked Kori as my lawyer because of her ability to step into my shoes, understand my feelings and perspectives, and use that understanding to guide my actions within the legal framework.

Kori is a unique, ambidextrous lawyer who can adapt her approach to the legal situation at hand. She can be a tenacious “pitbull” or “shark” when needed and a world-class “negotiator” or “diplomat” when needed. Because of her distinct approach, Kori helped me achieve a favorable outcome while maintaining an amicable and respectful relationship with my ex-wife. This overall outcome can only be achieved with lawyers like Kori.”


“I had a long, difficult journey getting divorced, not the least of which were my challenges finding a non-confrontational lawyer who had my interests at heart. That is, until I met Kori.

In just a few short weeks, Kori was able to make more progress than the two years previous, all while shifting the aggressive tone of my ex's lawyer to focus everyone on getting to a successful resolution on some volatile issues. While finances were important considerations, Kori made sure to also balance my kids' needs, finally getting to an agreement on counselling for them and engaging a parenting coordinator.

Since my divorce, I've been grateful to continue having Kori as a valuable resource. She's assisted with parenting issues that have come up, and she has negotiated ongoing financial matters as well. Her peaceful approach and deep experience have been a constant reassurance for me, and I truly wouldn't be where I am today without her expertise.

If you're looking for a productive, knowledgeable lawyer who is focused on resolution as opposed to conflict, I would recommend Kori without hesitation.”


“I have used several family lawyers in the past but will never look again. Kori was outstanding from start to finish. She has excellent communication skills so I was able to fully understand and evaluate all of her suggestions. She resolved the matter in a timely fashion and took no crap from the opposing counsel. Would recommend her to anyone!”


“Learning to navigate the family law system can be challenging. It takes the right lawyer who has integrity and authenticity to fight for your position. Kori is my third lawyer and by far the only one I would recommend. She listened to what I had to say and provided legal advice, keeping the best interests of my children in mind. She was always honest with me, and a pleasure to work with.”


“I met with Dani and Kori after working unsuccessfully with several lawyers, representing myself, and going through a failed mediation process. My husband was very, very difficult, and I knew I was in over my head. Kori understood my situation immediately. She saw the big picture and knew what I needed to do. She explained everything in crystal-clear detail, represented me skillfully, and reached a pre-trial settlement on my behalf.

The whole team at Frodis Law is very warm and professional. It’s the kind of place where you get a hug when you need one—followed by the best possible legal advice.”


"A most challenging life experience with a positive outcome. A friend of mine highly recommended Frodis Family Law to me. Upon deciding to work with Frodis Family Law I was nervous and skeptical because of my less than favourable experience with the previous family law council. During the process, a real effort was made to understand my history of circumstances. I felt very supported and my feelings were well validated. The case was handled with great expertise. The level of professionalism and attention to detail proved to be in my best interests. The level of preparedness by both my council and myself contributed greatly to a most favourable outcome. In closing the process was a huge investment personally and professionally. Kori and Dani made it possible for me to receive an excellent return on this investment. I would highly recommend Frodis Family Law."