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Frodis Family Law is a full-service family law firm serving families in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of family law including:

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We have years of experience with:

Negotiation and drafting of separation agreements
Mediation and arbitration
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Payer Not Allowed to Participate in Trial

This payor father had stopped participating in the court case and had stopped paying the support he owed to his wife and children. At the start of the trial, the judge was satisfied that he should not be allowed to participate, lead evidence, or make submissions during trial. Although he was allowed to stay and watch, the trial proceeded without him and on the mother's evidence alone.

M. v. M.

2018 ONSC 3344

Father's Alienating Conduct Recognized; Children Protected

In this very troubled family, the children began to resist contact with their mother due to the father's alienating conduct. Over time, the mother was able to have the children's contact with their father restricted, and to ensure that they weren't dragged into the middle of the ongoing court battle. Because her position was principled and protective, the mother was able to receive her costs for portions of the proceeding.

Jewish Family and Child Service of Greater Toronto v. L.R.

2017 ONCJ 472