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Shelly has over a decade of experience in family law. She has been practising family law exclusively since her call to the Bar in 2011. She joined Frodis Family Law in 2016.

Shelly's practice incorporates all aspects of family law, including separation and divorce, property division, custody and access, child and spousal support, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements and uncontested adoptions.

Shelly attended law school at Bond University in the Gold Coast of Australia after graduating with an Honours Sociology degree from York University. In law school, Shelly excelled at and received distinction in the areas of Alternate Dispute Resolution and Negotiations. In 2015, she completed the requisite training to practise in the Collaborative Family Law process and has incorporated this aspect of family law into her practice since then, along with other alternative dispute resolution processes such as Mediation and Arbitration.

Shelly recognizes that sometimes court is unavoidable and has advocated for her clients at various court levels. Shelly believes in a client-centred approach. She is committed to achieving the best possible results for her clients.

In her spare time, Shelly enjoys spending time with her family, reading and travelling.


“I met with many lawyers before I decided on seeking representation with Shelly. She stood out from others because of her polished demeanor, subject expertise, compassion, and tenacity. When I first met her I was overwhelmed with disbelief of what was happening and unsure about the outcome of my situation.

While being mindful of my feelings and emotions, Shelly addressed the situation realistically and practically. She made sure I was taking the necessary steps to be informed, prepared and protected. She answered all of my questions while presenting realistic options, situations and outcomes. I was always provided with choices along with sound legal advice to decipher the best decisions for me. Moreover, Shelly was easy to stay in touch with, conducts timely follow ups, works diligently to avoid delays initiated by the other side, but most importantly saved my case from going to court!

I am grateful to Shelly for navigating me through this challenging time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for legal advice and representation in family law. I believe her personalized service combined with legal expertise was a winning combination for me!”


“Shelly Banihashemi is my lawyer, representing me in a messy divorce involving a wealthy non-resident partner who likes to litigate. Before Shelly started working on my case, I had worked with a number of lawyers for almost two years.

During that time, my ex raised three separate cases against me in two different jurisdictions to argue I did not have enough legal ground to get a divorce here in Canada. Needless to say, after thousands of dollars spent on arguing the validity of our marriage, I was still at square 1 when I started working with Shelly. Looking back now, retaining Shelly on my case was the best decision in this whole ordeal. Shelly always managed to maintain a cool head and was able to not only listen to me, but also steer me towards fighting for what really matters. Shelly managed to help me navigate through the divorce, the custody battle and property division in a year and a half. She did not have it easy. The opposing counsel was a senior partner from a well-known, reputable Bay street law firm with decades of experience. I could not even recall how many times we were threatened by various motions that would be brought against me.

What sets Shelly apart from other lawyers I have worked with is not only her ability to identify key issues and resolve what would really affect my and my baby girl’s life, but also her kind and caring nature. I can’t thank her enough for seeing me through the most difficult experience of my life, and pulled me out of it in the shortest time possible. I will always be grateful.”


“A separation process can be stressful so it makes the situation less of a burden when you know that you are in the hands of competent, professional individuals who can guide you and assist you.

I had the greatest pleasure of working with Shelly. What an amazing lawyer!

My experience with Shelly was professional and seamless. She took the time to ensure that she addressed my concerns and answered all my questions. She made the separation process as easy as it can be and as straightforward as possible.'

I would highly recommend Shelly to anyone looking to retain an excellent family lawyer.”


“Shelly was able to get a good result, without dragging things out - so I could move on with my life.”