Law Clerk

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Shireen started working at Frodis Family Law immediately after graduating from the Law Clerk Program at Seneca College in 2010. While studying all areas of law, Shireen decided to pursue family law, the domain of law she became most passionate about.

Shireen is hard working, a good listener, empathetic and caring. She always has the client's well-being at heart, which helps her guide them through the emotional family law process. She is brought comfort knowing that she can help and provide emotional support to her clients during a difficult time, whether it be a separation, divorce or custody battle.

Shireen’s position at Frodis Family Law involves working closely with the lawyers, assisting them with all aspects of family law. “We understand each other and work well together, which makes our team feel like a family to me.”


"Shireen has a special way of making you feel like you’re the only one she’s working with. She was incredibly responsive, supportive and knowledgeable in every interaction I had with her. I am truly grateful for all of her help and kindness."


"It’s always been a pleasure to deal with Shireen. She is unfailingly quick, competent and cheerful. I appreciate that she is willing to go the extra mile for me when necessary.”


“Shireen was a great support for me throughout my case. She was very responsive to my questions and calls, and kept me informed when it came to all of the paperwork involved. Most of all, though, she and Samantha worked incredibly well as a team.”