Our Clients Matter to Us, Here is What They Have to Say About Our Firm


June, 2015

"I Wish I had Known Dani as a Friend, but I'm Happier That I had Him as My Laywer"

I’ve been Dani’s client since 2004 and over the years I’ve worked with just about everyone at his firm. Without fail, Dani and his associates have provided excellent service and representation. I’ve had to spend a fair bit of time in family court and have seen lawyers—who might be technically proficient — lose their composure f rom stage-fright. Not Dani. Dani takes to the courtroom like an actor takes to the stage; he’s clearly in his element. If you have a case that’s going to be dealt with in the courtroom, this is your man.

A close second to Dani are his associates. Dani clearly picks the cream of the crop and I’ve watched his practice and team grow steadily over the years. In those years I’ve had an opportunity to work closely with each associate on issues of child-support, custody and access issues. Every one of Dani’s associates provided stellar service and I couldn’t be happier with the arrangements in place today.

It’s been several years since I’ve had to enter a courtroom so I haven’t worked directly with Dani in quite some time. But every time I’ve come to his office to meet with one of the associates and he’s there, Dani always comes out to greet me with a big grin and a hearty handshake.

Happily, I don’t see having a need for Dani’s services again, but I’m going to miss him and everyone else I’ve come to know over the years.

I wish I had known Dani as a friend, but I’m happier that I had him as my lawyer.



"Dani Was My Crusader, and We Won Every Aspect of Our Case"

Dani has a great sense of humour, which you really need to survive this process. He was originally recommended to me by a friend. I was equally impressed when I met Kori, one of the other lawyers in the firm. They worked together as a team, and it was important to me to have a woman to work with as well.

Dani is sweet and sincere in person, but in court he really performs. He is confident, competent and fantastic. I'm pretty sure my case has set precedents in Canada, and we were up against one of the country's top lawyers. We spent a month in trial, which was emotionally exhausting for me. Dani was my crusader, and we won every aspect of our case.

Dani also has an incredible support team. Angie in particular was tremendously helpful to me throughout what was an incredibly difficult time in my life. When you work with this team, you feel like you're coming into a fold.


September, 2012

"Dani's 'Bedside-Manner' is Brilliant"

A lawyer friend of mine recommended Dani to help me go after my ex-husband for lack of child support. My case was complicated and involved not only matrimonial but also corporate law.

Dani's 'bedside manner' is brilliant. I've worked with big-name Bay Street law firms who were unresponsive. Dani and his team responded the same day to my e-mails and calls, were easy to work with, and were great at managing the whole process. We won our case after a week-long trial.


January, 2016

"Bright People Who Really Care"

Dani is a mensch. He gives lawyers a good name.

I wasn't comfortable with my first divorce lawyer. A friend recommended Dani, and I felt from the beginning that he would do the right thing for me and my family. After mediation attempts failed, we had to go to trial. Dani was sharp and clear in court, and after a difficult and drawn-out trial, we got almost everything we asked for.

I dealt with a number of Dani's team members throughout this process, and was consistently impressed. He attracts like-minded, bright people who really care.


November, 2015

"Warm and Professional"

I met with Dani and Kori after working unsuccessfully with several lawyers, representing myself, and going through a failed mediation process. My husband was very, very difficult, and I knew I was in over my head. Kori understood my situation immediately. She saw the big picture and knew what I needed to do. She explained everything in crystal-clear detail, represented me skillfully, and reached a pre-trial settlement on my behalf.

The whole team at Frodis Law is very warm and professional. It’s the kind of place where you get a hug when you need one—followed by the best possible legal advice.


September 2012

Throughout the Course of my Legal Battle, Robyn was By My Side
Throughout the course of my legal battle, Robyn was by my side. She was always available, gave direct and honest answers to my questions, and kept me up to date and informed on the status of my proceedings. I learned that not only did I have an amazing lawyer in Robyn, I also had an ally—someone I could rely on to get me through this ordeal.

Thanks to Dani Frodis Barristers, I was able to protect what meant the most to me. Robyn achieved an excellent result with the court, and my daughter's well-being is now secure. I will be forever indebted to the staff at Dani Frodis Barristers for everything they provided to me during the course of my court case.


October 2015

"An Entirely Different Kind of Law Firm"
Ildiko was my third lawyer. My ex-husband's lawyers were very aggressive and I felt I needed more support from my legal team. Dani, Ildiko and the whole Frodis Law team are friendly and were kind to me and my children -- it feels like an entirely different kind of law firm from what I was used to.

Ildiko treated me like a person. She helped me sort out which battles were the ones worth fighting, and kept my children at the forefront of my efforts. She was also very thorough, and caught errors in the financials that my other lawyers hadn't, which ended up saving me thousands in my settlement.

When the time came to go to court I was shaking but felt supported and prepared. Dani is charismatic and experienced, and represented me well in negotiating my settlement.


August 2015

"In the courtroom, Dani's gifts shine"
After I filed for a joint amicable divorce, I was appalled and shocked to find myself in the midst of a stressful, significant court battle to uphold my two signed legal agreements surrounding sole custody and my family’s finances.

Thankfully, after spending a lot of money and time with no results, my first lawyer recommended Dani at Frodis Law. From my first contact with Angie, Dani, Kori and Danielle I felt they had integrity. I was treated with respect and understanding, and we shared many laughs, which made this unfathomable burden easier to carry.

Kori is intuitive, practical, funny and quick as a whip. She gave me the same caring, honest guidance based on her years of knowledge and experience that she would give her close family and friends. With exacting detail she pieced together the complex financial pieces of my case and knew them with more clarity than I had recalled.

When it was time to go to court and finally trial it was Dani who represented me. He is laid back yet very sharp and observant, funny and optimistic yet realistic. With the facts of my case brilliantly organized by Kori, Dani proceeded to weave his own magic and articulately lead the judge through the web of our case including examination in chief, cross and witness. In the courtroom Dani's gifts shine. He is calm, bright, confident, and respectfully “at home.” Together Kori and Dani are yin and yang, a perfectly balanced whole held by the hard work and warmth of Angie and Danielle. I cannot imagine going through this life crisis with anyone else.


July 2015

"Very Honest and Fair"
Frodis Law is a very female-friendly environment. I worked with Robyn and with Daniel, and Dani was always involved. Throughout my divorce they supported me with calm, informed advice. There were times I had difficulty separating the law and morals, and Daniel helped me understand the difference and my options. They helped me reach a settlement with my ex and move on with my life. I feel that they are very honest and fair with their billing.


July 2015

"I Will Always be Grateful"
When I came to Frodis Law I felt broken and stigmatized. I had lost custody of my boys, and was unhappy with the lawyer I had been working with. Samantha took me under her wing and was present with me throughout my journey. She had a lot of respect for me, and from her I learned how to skillfully move forward. She is quiet, tactful and always professional—but still waters run deep, and in court Samantha is a lion.

My ex and I have a good relationship now, guided by the shared parenting agreement we came to through this process. I’m in a great chapter of my life, and I will always be grateful to Samantha for her support.


June 2015

"Integrity and Authenticity"
Learning to navigate the family law system can be challenging. It takes the right lawyer who has integrity and authenticity to fight for your position. Kori is my third lawyer and by far the only one I would recommend. She listened to what I had to say and provided legal advice, keeping the best interests of my children in mind. She was always honest with me, and a pleasure to work with.


December 2012

"The Way They Work Just Flows Well"
The team at Frodis Law is just that—a team. You definitely get the sense that it's more than a business for them; they're all very personal and take the time to walk through the process with you, and the way they work just flows well. Melissa and Samantha both helped me negotiate my separation agreement, with Shireen providing great backup in terms of support. In the end, we drafted an agreement that worked for both parties, and we avoided going to court.


December 2012

"Calm, Professional, and No-Nonsense"
Samantha Dineno was the reason I came to Frodis Law. I was seeking sole custody of my daughter, and it was an incredibly stressful time for me. Samantha took the lead but kept me in the loop every step of the way—that was what I valued most about working with her.

When mediation didn't work and we had to go to court, Samantha was calm, professional, and no-nonsense. And we won our case, giving me the comfort of knowing I will be able to make the key decisions about my daughter's upbringing and care.

Shireen was a great support for me throughout my case. She was very responsive to my questions and calls, and kept me informed when it came to all of the paperwork involved. Most of all, though, she and Samantha worked incredibly well as a team


June 2016

"Expertise, Compassion and Tenacity"
I met with many lawyers before I decided on seeking representation with Shelly. She stood out from others because of her polished demeanor, subject expertise, compassion, and tenacity. When I first met her I was overwhelmed with disbelief of what was happening and unsure about the outcome of my situation.

While being mindful of my feelings and emotions, Shelly addressed the situation realistically and practically. She made sure I was taking the necessary steps to be informed, prepared and protected. She answered all of my questions while presenting realistic options, situations and outcomes. I was always provided with choices along with sound legal advice to decipher the best decisions for me. Moreover, Shelly was easy to stay in touch with, conducts timely follow ups, works diligently to avoid delays initiated by the other side, but most importantly saved my case from going to court!

I am grateful to Shelly for navigating me through this challenging time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for legal advice and representation in family law. I believe her personalized service combined with legal expertise was a winning combination for me!