About Us

"After a few years of practicing as an associate at a top family law firm in Toronto, I decided to create my own firm. I gradually built a harmonious team by bringing on intelligent, competent and caring lawyers, and we have grown into a boutique law firm that concentrates on all aspects of family law. Our approach is driven by transparency, expertise, and collaboration. We work tirelessly to help our clients reach a fair and quick resolution so they can move on to their next stage of life with dignity and peace.”

- Dani Frodis

We measure success by achieving a reasonable outcome that we anticipated and you are prepared to live with. Our goal is to ensure you can move on with your life with dignity and a reduction of hostility.

What Are We All About?


We work together as a team, and all step up to ensure you succeed.  


We roll up our sleeves, strongly advocate for you, and commit to achieving the best possible outcome. And we’ll fight if we need to. 


We know how to adapt to complex situations by drawing on our experience and significant points of the law in unprecedented ways.

No B.S.

We tell you the hard truth and set realistic expectations without empty promises. 


We listen to you attentively and communicate with respect and composure.


We always pursue the most effective route to resolution, and work as efficiently as possible to get there. We don't want this to drag on either.

Our Practice Areas

We focus on all aspects of family law, even the most complex of cases.

Separation and Divorce

We recognize that separation can be a very difficult time for our clients. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you to navigate this challenging time and guide you through the process to arrive at a resolution that serves you and your children.

Mediation and Arbitration

At Frodis Family Law, we regularly opt in to alternative dispute resolution processes in order to achieve successful and creative results for our clients. Through mediation, parties work to reach an agreement with a neutral third-party mediator. Parties may also choose to have their dispute determined by way of arbitration, which is a private process where parties jointly select an arbitrator who will resolve the issues in dispute after an appropriate hearing. Frodis Family Law lawyers represent parties in mediation and arbitration and Dani also routinely acts as a mediator and arbitrator for third parties.

Changes to Previous Agreements & Orders

Parenting or financial arrangements sometimes need to be changed due to changes in circumstances. We assist clients in varying or responding to a request to vary a previous order or agreement.

Spousal Support

Spousal support (called “alimony” in some jurisdictions) is paid by one party to another after the breakdown of a relationship in some cases. Our lawyers have expertise in this complex area and work with our clients to navigate this area with a focus on tax-efficient solutions and creative approaches.

Division of Property and Equalization of Net Family Property

In Ontario, married spouses who separate are entitled to a property division process called “Equalization of Net Family Property”. Common law spouses do not have the same equalization rights, and may be able to make “trust” or “joint family venture” claims for a share of their partner’s property in appropriate circumstances. We assist our clients to achieve resolutions to meet their unique financial circumstances.

Children and Parenting

Our team will help you deal with parenting schedules and decision making in a child focused way. We have experience dealing with complex parenting issues involving high-conflict cases, equal-time sharing arrangements, and mobility cases.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative practice is an out-of-court process where both parties and their lawyers sign a Participation Agreement to work collaboratively to arrive at creative solutions to meet the family’s interests. The parties also agree that should the process break down, neither lawyer can participate in any subsequent court proceedings. We have lawyers with specific training to represent you in the Collaborative Process.

Child Support

Child support (comprised of monthly table support and children’s special expenses) is calculated based on the Child Support Guidelines, looking at a payor’s income and the number of children. The determination of a payor’s income can be complex where a party is self-employed, owns’ his/her own business or earns income from non-conventional sources. We also address retroactive claims for support, variations of support due to material changes, income analyses, and enforcement and security for support.

Marriage Contracts

For clients planning to get married or recently married, we work with you to draft or review agreements that might differ from what the law dictates in the event of a separation, tailoring the agreement to your unique circumstances.

Cohabitation Agreements

For clients that are living with partners, we assist in drafting or reviewing a contract dealing with issues around property division, spousal support, and estate claims should the parties separate.

Matrimonial Homes

Special provisions exist in our family law legislation protecting property and possessory rights that parties have related to the home a married couple lives in at the time of separation. We will guide you in this area so that you know your rights and obligations.

Our Process

1.Initial Intake

Our clerk asks you for some general background about your case and for relevant documents to prepare for the consultation.  

2.In-depth Consultation

You meet with Dani Frodis or another lawyer in our firm of your choosing (in-person or virtually based on your preference) who will answer all your legal questions, ask detailed questions about your situation, and provide strategic advice about how to resolve your family law issue.  

3.Establish Strategy

You get matched with the lawyer and team best suited for your case, who will educate you on the law and outline a direction and clear next steps to get your case resolved and settled.

Ready to move on?

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