Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start?

The best place to start is to meet with one of our qualified family lawyers to obtain an opinion concerning your situation. During this initial consultation, we will answer all your legal questions, ask detailed questions about your situation, and provide strategic advice about how you can approach your family law issue. To speak with one of our Toronto family law lawyers now, please call 416-218-8888, or e-mail

Why retain a small family law firm as opposed to a large firm?

As a boutique family law firm, we can provide the same or better level of service concerning family law issues at a more reasonable rate, as our overhead is lower than larger firms. Our smaller team is efficient, provides a personalized service, with a high attention to detail, and ensures quick response times. 

Do you charge for a law clerk or legal assistant's time?

We do not charge for the time spent on your case by our legal assistants. In certain rare circumstances, the time spent working on your case by a law clerk might be charged. We are very honest and transparent with our billing. 

How long does it take to get divorced?

Normally, you must be separated from your spouse for a year before you can get a divorce. In many circumstances, it is possible to resolve the other issues such as custody of and access to the children, child and spousal support, and property issues well before the year of separation is passed. In other cases, it might take longer to settle or resolve those issues.

Will the information that I provide remain confidential?

All of the information you provide to your lawyer will remain confidential.

How do I change lawyers? 

Before changing lawyers, you need to decide that you would prefer to work with another lawyer. Once you make that decision, the process of changing lawyers is quite easy. Your new lawyer will likely have you sign a document called a "Direction" that will instruct your previous lawyer to transfer your documents to your new lawyer. If your matter is already in court, your new lawyer might have to prepare and deliver a document called a "Notice of change in representation" indicating that you have changed lawyers.

Do the lawyers at Frodis Family Law have extensive court experience? 

All lawyers at Frodis Family Law have court experience. Several of our lawyers have very extensive court experience with an excellent track record. Judges perceive the Frodis Family Law team as respectful, honest, hardworking, and talented. We are proud of our reputation. 

Do Ontario courts have a gender bias? Are there benefits to hiring a male or a female lawyer? 

We do not believe that there is any advantage to retaining a male lawyer or a female lawyer. The most important factors in retaining a lawyer are the competence of the lawyer and your comfort level in working with your lawyer.

Can you help me obtain a legal separation? 

A separation occurs when one or both of the spouses decide that their marriage or cohabitation is at an end. Once that happens, we can help you resolve the issues that will arise from the separation. The spouses can still be in the same house but be considered separated.

What kinds of documents will I need to provide to obtain a divorce? 

The documents we need depend on your particular circumstances but generally include: (1) A copy of your marriage certificate, (2) at least your three most recent income tax returns, and (3) information about your finances and property holdings on the date of marriage and at separation (usually bank statements and credit card statements).

Do you accept legal aid? do you offer a payment plan? 

We generally do not accept legal aid certificates. However, exceptions can be made in appropriate circumstances. Payment arrangements should be discussed with the lawyer handling your case.

How much am I going to spend on my case? Why won't lawyers commit to a fixed cost?

The lawyers charge in accordance with their hourly rate.  We unfortunately cannot determine how much you will spend on your case because of the unique circumstances of your situation, and the variety of factors that influence the cost. The cost of your case will also be dependent on how you and your spouse conduct yourselves, and what each of you wishes to achieve. It is possible for complicated cases to be resolved quickly and inexpensively when the parties are very cooperative. On the other hand, even relatively straightforward cases can become very costly if one or both of the parties conduct themselves in a difficult and oppositional manner. We do everything possible to reach a quick settlement in the most cost effective way. 

Will I get my money’s worth?

We do our best to resolve your case as quickly as possible. We always pursue the most effective/best route to resolution, and work as efficiently as possible to get there. We do what is in your best interest so that you can move forward with more  financial security and dignity than you expected.

Do you practice collaborative law? Do you offer mediation and/or arbitration?

Having the option to resolve matters outside of the court system using a method of alternative dispute resolution, is important in family law. Our firm is pleased to be able to offer our clients the choice to resolve their matters through the collaborative process either with, or without, a team of neutral third party specialists. We also regularly engage and participate in both mediation and mediation/arbitration.

What are my legal rights and options?

Your legal rights and options are contingent on your individual situation. Unfortunately this is not a question that can easily be answered without more information. During the initial consultation, our family lawyer can provide clarity and legal advice regarding your rights and options. To speak with one of our family law lawyers, please call 416-218-8888, or e-mail

What if my situation is unusual and too complex? 

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of family law and a proven track record of resolving the most complex of cases. We know how to adapt to complex situations by drawing on significant points of the law in unprecedented ways in order to reach a resolution. 

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