Success Stories

We won the case and I got to keep custody of my child

“My wife and I had to go through a divorce and I thought that she would have won because she had these extremely pricey defense lawyers, but I went to Dani Frodis for help. They were amazing and had my back the whole way. They were excellent and were much less expensive than my wife's. We won the case and I got to keep custody of my child! Thank you Frodis Dani Z!”


The ONLY lawyer who looked carefully at the documents and evidence

“After interviewing more than 15 lawyers and retaining a few, I finally found MY lawyer, Dani Frodis, in 2017. Being up against an angry, narcissistic, manipulative and dishonest adversary who refused to disclose his financial means for years, rejected my offers for mediation/arbitration for almost a year and who is incapable of co-parenting for the children’s benefit, is hard enough, without having the extra stress of dealing with lawyers with grotesque egos and self-serving agendas. When Dani took on my case, he did so in a way that showed me that he saw through the façade that the adversary sought to create and he respected my need to stand up for my and my children’s legal rights for what is fair. Where other lawyers arrogantly “knew what was best”, either delaying in taking needed action or coercing me into signing agreements that were not in the children’s or my own best interest (but suited their own time constraints, scheduling conflicts and holidays), Dani listened and did the right thing for me. Despite Dani’s incredible intelligence, experience and many successes over his decades in practice and court, his ego is the right size and he can keep his in check. Once you have his ear, Dani Frodis is an excellent listener. Dani has consistently shown himself to be patient, respectful, thoughtful and an excellent communicator. The team of lawyers that Dani has chosen at Frodis Family Law are excellent and share similar qualities. Dani Frodis does not hesitate to give his opinion, based on his knowledge of the law even if it was not what I hoped to hear at times, and is unique in giving his opinion without exhibiting an arrogant attitude. Of all the lawyers I met with, Dani Frodis was literally the ONLY lawyer who actually took the time to look carefully at the legal documents and evidence that I brought to his office during our first consultation. Motion after motion, settlement conference after settlement conference, Dani Frodis and his team conducted themselves with integrity. I have not seen any hint of dishonesty from Dani or a desire to manipulate evidence or the law. I cannot say the same of my adversary and his lawyer. At trial, I could not have asked for a better lawyer than Dani Frodis to represent me (along with his associate lawyer Arin Tint, who is beyond outstanding). Dani put me at ease, day after day, during the entire nauseating ordeal. Though no person or lawyer can be expected to be perfect, I can honestly say that I think Dani Frodis is one of the best divorce lawyers in Toronto. I have recommended him to anyone in need and will continue to do so.”


Frodis is a knowledgeable and respectful lawyer

“For me this lawyer's office is the best in Toronto. I have had a great experience. Mr. Frodis is a very knowledgeable, and respectful Lawyer, and best of all he’s a good person.


We got almost everything we asked for

“Dani is a mensch. He gives lawyers a good name. I wasn't comfortable with my first divorce lawyer. A friend recommended Dani, and I felt from the beginning that he would do the right thing for me and my family. After mediation attempts failed, we had to go to trial. Dani was sharp and clear in court, and after a difficult and drawn-out trial, we got almost everything we asked for. I dealt with a number of Dani's team members throughout this process, and was consistently impressed. He attracts like-minded, bright people who really care.”


Resolved the matter in a timely fashion

“I have used several family lawyers in the past but will never look again. Kori was outstanding from start to finish. She has excellent communication skills so I was able to fully understand and evaluate all of her suggestions. She resolved the matter in a timely fashion and took no crap from the opposing counsel. Would recommend her to anyone!”


Always honest with me, and a pleasure to work with

“Learning to navigate the family law system can be challenging. It takes the right lawyer who has integrity and authenticity to fight for your position. Kori is my third lawyer and by far the only one I would recommend. She listened to what I had to say and provided legal advice, keeping the best interests of my children in mind. She was always honest with me, and a pleasure to work with.”


Reach a pre-trial settlement on my behalf

“I met with Dani and Kori after working unsuccessfully with several lawyers, representing myself, and going through a failed mediation process. My husband was very, very difficult, and I knew I was in over my head. Kori understood my situation immediately. She saw the big picture and knew what I needed to do. She explained everything in crystal-clear detail, represented me skillfully, and reached a pre-trial settlement on my behalf. The whole team at Frodis Law is very warm and professional. It’s the kind of place where you get a hug when you need one—followed by the best possible legal advice.


We won every aspect of our case

“Dani has a great sense of humour, which you really need to survive this process. He was originally recommended to me by a friend. I was equally impressed when I met Kori, one of the other lawyers in the firm. They worked together as a team, and it was important to me to have a woman to work with as well. Dani is sweet and sincere in person, but in court he really performs. He is confident, competent and fantastic. I'm pretty sure my case has set precedents in Canada, and we were up against one of the country's top lawyers. We spent a month in trial, which was emotionally exhausting for me. Dani was my crusader, and we won every aspect of our case. Dani also has an incredible support team. Angie in particular was tremendously helpful to me throughout what was an incredibly difficult time in my life. When you work with this team, you feel like you're coming into a fold.”


Helped me reach a settlement and move on

“Frodis Law is a very female-friendly environment. I worked with Daniel, and Dani was always involved. Throughout my divorce they supported me with calm, informed advice. There were times I had difficulty separating the law and morals, and Daniel helped me understand the difference and my options. They helped me reach a settlement with my ex and move on with my life. I feel that they are very honest and fair with their billing.”


I couldn’t be happier with the arrangements in place

“I’ve been Dani’s client since 2004 and over the years I’ve worked with just about everyone at his firm. Without fail, Dani and his associates have provided excellent service and representation. I’ve had to spend a fair bit of time in family court and have seen lawyers—who might be technically proficient — lose their composure from stage-fright. Not Dani. Dani takes to the courtroom like an actor takes to the stage; he’s clearly in his element. If you have a case that’s going to be dealt with in the courtroom, this is your man. A close second to Dani are his associates. Dani clearly picks the cream of the crop and I’ve watched his practice and team grow steadily over the years. In those years I’ve had an opportunity to work closely with each associate on issues of child-support, custody and access issues. Every one of Dani’s associates provided stellar service and I couldn’t be happier with the arrangements in place today. It’s been several years since I’ve had to enter a courtroom so I haven’t worked directly with Dani in quite some time. But every time I’ve come to his office to meet with one of the associates and he’s there, Dani always comes out to greet me with a big grin and a hearty handshake. Happily, I don’t see having a need for Dani’s services again, but I’m going to miss him and everyone else I’ve come to know over the years. I wish I had known Dani as a friend, but I’m happier that I had him as my lawyer.”


I’m able to make decisions about my daughter’s upbringing

“Samantha Dineno was the reason I came to Frodis Law. I was seeking sole custody of my daughter, and it was an incredibly stressful time for me. Samantha took the lead but kept me in the loop every step of the way—that was what I valued most about working with her. When mediation didn't work and we had to go to court, Samantha was calm, professional, and no-nonsense. And we won our case, giving me the comfort of knowing I will be able to make the key decisions about my daughter's upbringing and care.”


Exceeded expectations and delivered excellent outcomes

“Kori Levitt was highly recommended to me by a trusted colleague who had a very complex divorce case and was extremely pleased with Kori’s approach to handling the matter and realizing outstanding results. Because of this recommendation, I had very high expectations of Kori even before meeting with her. Now that my case has been resolved, I can inform you that Kori exceeded my expectations and delivered excellent outcomes. Kori is a very personable lawyer who makes you feel welcomed and secure while being fully transparent about the facts, the risks, the mitigating actions, the range of potential legal options and the probable outcomes. I liked Kori as my lawyer because of her ability to step into my shoes, understand my feelings and perspectives, and use that understanding to guide my actions within the legal framework. Kori is a unique, ambidextrous lawyer who can adapt her approach to the legal situation at hand. She can be a tenacious “pitbull” or “shark” when needed and a world-class “negotiator” or “diplomat” when needed. Because of her distinct approach, Kori helped me achieve a favorable outcome while maintaining an amicable and respectful relationship with my ex-wife. This overall outcome can only be achieved with lawyers like Kori.”


My ex and I have a good relationship now

“When I came to Frodis Law I felt broken and stigmatized. I had lost custody of my boys, and was unhappy with my previous lawyer. Samantha took me under her wing and was present throughout my journey. She had a lot of respect for me, and from her I learned how to skillfully move forward. She is quiet, tactful and always professional—but still waters run deep, and in court Samantha is a lion. My ex and I have a good relationship now, guided by the shared parenting agreement we came to through this process. I’m in a great chapter of my life, and I will always be grateful to Samantha for her support.”


After 7 years, my matter finally settled

“I was using a lawyer that was having a hard time in court with my ex-wife’s lawyer. That lawyer recommended that I retain Frodis Family Law. After retaining the Frodis team, Melissa started working on my file. Melissa reviewed my file from my previous lawyer and Melissa clearly explained the process that was going to take place. Melissa was always quick to return my calls and answer my emails. Melissa was very easy to work with. After a few weeks we went to court and the Frodis team did not take any nonsense from the opposing lawyer. After 7 years of back and forth, my matter finally settled. It takes the right lawyer who has integrity and authenticity to fight for your rights. I would highly recommend Melissa and the Frodis team to anyone who needs a great lawyer.”


We won our case after a week-long trial

“A lawyer friend of mine recommended Dani to help me go after my ex-husband for lack of child support. My case was complicated and involved not only matrimonial but also corporate law. Dani's 'bedside manner' is brilliant. I've worked with big-name Bay Street law firms who were unresponsive. Dani and his team responded the same day to my emails and calls, were easy to work with, and were great at managing the whole process. We won our case after a week-long trial.”


Their ethics and compassion seem to lead their counsel

“Frodis Law was such a great team to work with. At a time when everything you are going through feels overwhelming, where you feel you have no control and you are scared about the long term implications to decisions being made, the Frodis Law team are a voice of experience, a voice of calm and a voice of invaluable guidance. One of the main things I liked about Frodis Law, why I chose them, was that other firms I spoke with seemed to want to escalate conflict between me and my ex-wife with very short term gains but risked very long term negative implications that would have been harder on our children. I wasn’t interested in that. To me, the best outcome is one that does not put the overall relationship between the divorced parties at risk of irreparable damage. I have seen that happen to others. The kids are the ones who are hurt the most for years to come. Frodis Law was keenly aware of these risks and despite this meaning a shorter assignment (meaning less billable hours), they always sought to help me understand and keep my focus on the big picture rather than the rabbit holes many get dragged into over things that in the long run, are petty disputes. Their ethics and compassion seem to lead their counsel. Imagine that in a law firm. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in this situation.”


An excellent return on this investment

“A most challenging life experience with a positive outcome. A friend of mine highly recommended Frodis Family Law to me. Upon deciding to work with Frodis Family Law I was nervous and skeptical because of my less than favourable experience with the previous family law council. During the process, a real effort was made to understand my history of circumstances. I felt very supported and my feelings were well validated. The case was handled with great expertise. The level of professionalism and attention to detail proved to be in my best interests. The level of preparedness by both my council and myself contributed greatly to a most favourable outcome. In closing the process was a huge investment personally and professionally. Kori and Dani made it possible for me to receive an excellent return on this investment. I would highly recommend Frodis Family Law.”


Cannot imagine going through this life crisis with anyone else

“My ex was making it difficult and my case was taking longer than it needed to. I knew I needed a more experienced lawyer, so I called other lawyers for recommendations. I switched to Dani Frodis law and was very happy with the results. Thank you Samantha and Dani. After I filed for a joint amicable divorce, I was appalled and shocked to find myself in the midst of a stressful, significant court battle to uphold my two signed legal agreements surrounding sole custody and my family’s finances. Thankfully, after spending a lot of money and time with no results, my first lawyer recommended Dani at Frodis Law. From my first contact with Angie, Dani and Kori I felt they had integrity. I was treated with respect and understanding, and we shared many laughs, which made this unfathomable burden easier to carry. Kori is intuitive, practical, funny and quick as a whip. She gave me the same caring, honest guidance based on her years of knowledge and experience that she would give her close family and friends. With exacting detail she pieced together the complex financial pieces of my case and knew them with more clarity than I had recalled. When it was time to go to court and finally trial it was Dani who represented me. He is laid back yet very sharp and observant, funny and optimistic yet realistic. With the facts of my case brilliantly organized by Kori, Dani proceeded to weave his own magic and articulately lead the judge through the web of our case including examination in chief, cross and witness. In the courtroom Dani's gifts shine. He is calm, bright, confident, and respectfully “at home.” Together Kori and Dani are yin and yang, a perfectly balanced whole held by the hard work and warmth of Angie. I cannot imagine going through this life crisis with anyone else.”


Got excellent results for me and my children

“Dani and his team, particularly Ilana, not only got excellent results for me and my children in my divorce proceedings, but they ensured that the whole process was far less stressful than it otherwise could have been. Throughout the process, Dani and Ilana provided expert advice and guided me through the many decisions that had to be made. They were very knowledgeable and personable and very responsive to my emails and phone calls. It was obvious in court attendances that both the judges and opposing counsel respected Dani's views and opinions. Dani understood that my preference was to avoid as much conflict as possible and made extensive efforts to try to secure a settlement. In the end, we were forced to go to trial and Dani was exceptional. I would highly recommend Dani and his team to anyone who is in need of a family lawyer.”


An attentive, highly competent and caring advocate

“Getting divorced can be stressful both emotionally and financially. My best advice if you find yourself in this situation is to be very careful about choosing your lawyer. I was not happy with my first selection of lawyer, I felt that I was heading for an outcome that would have been very costly and unfair. I decided I needed to make a change so I met with several different firms before settling on Frodis Family Law to represent me. I truly felt I had an attentive, highly competent and caring advocate for my case. Melissa was on top of everything, she worked with me to ensure that all aspects of my case were properly represented and she did this in a manner that made what was a difficult experience much easier to go through. More than anything, I felt she cared and each time we showed up in court my side was represented in the best possible way. The outcome was fair and the process was the best it could have been.”


My questions were always answered promptly

“I met Kori Levitt in 2016 after dealing with a lawyer who was not getting anywhere with my case. Very quickly but with precision, Kori put together all the information given to her and explained clearly the process and cost involved. Kori was very intuitive and practical yet sensitive to my feelings and needs. My questions were always answered promptly even if it meant responding after office hours. Kori knew when it was necessary to be more aggressive in her approach which led to reaching a pre-trial settlement. In 2020, Kori dealt with the re-opening of my case and along with a mediator, she succeeded in getting two more years of much needed support for me. Kori is a very dedicated and honest lawyer who I would highly recommend.”


Low conflict, but fair resolution

“Melissa is very smart and gets what’s going on right away. She has a nice manner and is empathetic when things get tough, but she will tell you what you need to hear. She has a nice way of balancing pushing your interests without needlessly inflaming the situation. I am glad she has been in my corner and I would highly recommend her if you are interested in a low conflict, but fair, resolution to your situation.”


A productive, knowledgeable lawyer who is focused on resolution

“I had a long, difficult journey getting divorced, not the least of which were my challenges finding a non-confrontational lawyer who had my interests at heart. That is, until I met Kori. In just a few short weeks, Kori was able to make more progress than the two years previous, all while shifting the aggressive tone of my ex's lawyer to focus everyone on getting to a successful resolution on some volatile issues. While finances were important considerations, Kori made sure to also balance my kids' needs, finally getting to an agreement on counselling for them and engaging a parenting coordinator. Since my divorce, I've been grateful to continue having Kori as a valuable resource. She's assisted with parenting issues that have come up, and she has negotiated ongoing financial matters as well. Her peaceful approach and deep experience have been a constant reassurance for me, and I truly wouldn't be where I am today without her expertise. If you're looking for a productive, knowledgeable lawyer who is focused on resolution as opposed to conflict, I would recommend Kori without hesitation.”


Turned my case around and brought it to a good settlement

“I am sincerely grateful to Dani, Claudia, and the entire Frodis Family Law team for being my advocates and counsel over the past year. The successful outcome during mediation was both a welcome surprise and a huge relief. Dani's wise, calm, and intuitive approach to my case was exceptional. He and his team always took the high road and it paid off. The Family Law profession needs more lawyers and mentors like Dani and Claudia. I knew very little about family law prior to 2018. I naively assumed that family law lawyers made helping families their priority. After two years of agonizing litigation using another family law lawyer, I felt hopeless and scared. I then retained Frodis Family Law and the Frodis Family Law Team turned my skepticism and fear into hope. They turned my case around and brought it to a good settlement. I now look forward to the future and I hope that my former spouse will have a long and happy life too. My livelihood and career requires that I work closely with intellectual property lawyers. Being a successful IP lawyer almost always guarantees repeat business and recurring income for the future. However, it occurred to me as I went through this family law process that the most significant and life changing (and successful) legal representation of my life would not provide my lawyers with such enduring and repeat rewards. For that reason, I plan to spread the word about the quality of work I received at Frodis Family Law. It would be my honour and privilege to refer people to this firm of excellent lawyers.”


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